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    Local support, global expertise.

    Over the past 4 decades, we have fostered deep-rooted supplier partnerships spanning five continents. Sharing our global market knowledge and providing best-in-class service, we help you achieve your goals.  

    The ingredients for your success.

    Your reliable partner for the supply of pure and safe ingredients.


    Competitive pricing, exceptional service.

    In taking a team approach to meeting your business needs, we anticipate market fluctuations, purchase at optimal times and ensure continuous availability.


    Our strengths become your asset.  When you win, we win. 


    High standards,
    no compromise.

    Delivering safety and quality is the cornerstone of our business.  We have unyielding standards and are BRC Certified, Grade AA .


    We know the intricacies of our products and take the risk out of your buy.

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