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Food Safety


We obsess so you don’t have to.

Food safety and quality control begin at the farm, long before seeds are planted. Soil analysis, seed selection and seedling care are critical to the final product.  We take care, managing our products from start to finish.


Our ongoing commitment to traceability and backward integration is demonstrated by our pesticide and allergen management programs.  Once pesticides and allergens are introduced, their impact cannot be reversed.  Our programs allow us to confidently meet stringent regulatory requirements.

This diligence is continued throughout the entire supply chain, creating transparency and consistency. Strict food safety and quality controls are intertwined throughout processing, packaging, transportation and storage. Buchanan is proud to have a history of zero recalls. 


Know your product.

Our manufacturing partners of 10+ years are tried and tested, having consistently demonstrated commitment to food safety. Buchanan is proactive in risk management,  staying abreast of food fraud and food security risks, tapped into the industry and relevant geopolitical and economic developments. 


Supplier and ingredient risk assessments are conducted regularly,  informing our testing protocols.  Our ingredients go through rigorous physical, chemical and microbiological testing using accredited laboratories, providing additional confirmation of product integrity.

Risk Management
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Set the bar high.


Buchanan achieves the highest grade in BRC certification, consistently scoring AA. Our efforts have been recognized by the CFIA, earning top marks in their Good Importing Practices Audit. Our manufacturers are GFSI certified, and our storage and transportation partners pass stringent safety and security standards. 

Food safety is paramount, interwoven throughout Buchanan's entire supply chain network.

We invite you to stay abreast of our latest BRC rating:

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